Wedding Outfits

Have you been getting wedding invitations from your high school, college friends? Stuck in a situation where you worry about repeating the same outfit for your friend's wedding? Because it's time of the year when all the wedding invitations come pouring in and you're scrambling around to find the perfect dress to put on.
This is the right place for you. In Lbrlabel, our outfits cater to every occasion. Simple, elegant yet timeless 
Don't we all love a little mermaid dress? From a bustier top to a fishtail bottom, our Kelia Bustier Gown will ensure your ensemble won't disappoint your gal pal on her big day. Perhaps this would be the perfect piece to help you reel in your pick on one of your bestie's groomsmen. 
Flutters to give your dress a little boost, try our Eleolia Bustier Dresses. Available in Navy, Black and Burgundy; this elegant piece will make you look stunning while not stealing the thunder on the big day!
Back to basics:
For the casual outdoor wedding, our Derelia Cross Back Midi Dress might just be the right dress for you. Our simple white piece can make a large statement, with it helping to accentuate your curves in all the right places.
Who says simple has to be boring? We don't! 
Want a wider range of styles to choose from? Fret not, this isn't all we've got!
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